photography… (in its simplest form )

hi, So as a dedicated photographer, I shall tell you that it is not important that you learn all the theory and not have the hand and flare for it. If you know all about the ISO and exposure and ev…

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My life, My body…..



By looking at the picture you might be thinking this is probably some-tumblr related stuff. But you are wrong. Being a feminist, I feel that it is very important for me to bring up this topic till the time it irritates to to core and you understand the importance of a lady.

In India, even today people aren’t exactly estate about having a girl child because of all the ‘pain’ her parents have to go through. Every female, regardless of her age, has to take care about how she maintains herself in public.

She can’t even think about wearing shorts( well, it might be that it is still thinkable in some cities) and her character is decided by the wall clock. If before dark she’s inside the house then she she is your typical sanskari girl, if not then she is a woman of a questionable character.

Every day in our newspapers we have reports of woman getting raped, those beasts don’t even leave the one-year-olds!


Why is it important to answer back? ( and how to do that)



When you read what is read above you might just be laughing, but when you get to think about it, you realise ” maybe there is a reason to such a reply”. People usually tell you to avoid answering back as it makes you look bad, not realising that just making a person shushed can give the wrong person the sense of authority.


I guess everyone knows giving or getting an authority is more like getting high and doing anything, which usually ends up as a disaster served on a platter. I do agree that we shouldn’t answer back every time but when a person crosses the limit , regardless of any factor, it is highly important for one to take a stand and tell that person for once and for all before someone bashes their brain out of their skull( see, you just need great lines to make sure that the other person got your idea!) .

You needn’t always be original but just enough to tell the other person that they don’t have the authority yet.

I hope you get my idea and my help.



Neerja :A true inspiration


I had earlier seen the movie based on a true inspiration and a personal role model- Neerja. As I am a feminist, a movie so well executed, could not have been a better treat. Sonam Kapoor was the perfect one for the movie. The movie leaves everyone in tears. It is amazing how being so young she had an awe-strucking presence of mind. India, Pakistan and America gave their awards to our hero.

Now I can actually say, give women a chance and they shall touch the sky, they are truly a gift to mankind.You really need to see Neerja to understand why I adore neerja and sonam kapoor.




You’ve heard your parents say the cliche’d line-“Enjoy your school life while you can”. But what they don’t know is that what actually happens in our school life. but there are some things which we all can and in fact, should enjoy. Eating food in between classes, nicknaming your teachers, having that teacher who is always close to you, talking about your crushes, believe me, my middle school life is almost over and with this  experience I can tell you that you need to enjoy these little things because no matter what you become in life, what your future is, you will always look back and smile and cherish these moments.

There are times when you feel like committing suicide but you will stop because that curiosity of the future won’t let you take this extreme step.There are students who will be the ones getting all A1s and there will be students getting C2s. I’m the above average kind and personally have no intention in being the genius brainy student. I want my personality, attitude and influence to become positive.

You need to think of what kind of person you want to become rather than what college to go in ( now of course you will need to think about it in some point of life but personality is your top priority).

So, please don’t become a dummy but ” A Modern Teenager ” who knows what to do in life.



photography… (in its simplest form )


So as a dedicated photographer, I shall tell you that it is not important that you learn all the theory and not have the hand and flare for it.

If you know all about the ISO and exposure and every other thing needed for photography but not about how you got the picture, why you liked it or why it is special to you, then just know one thing – there is no reason as to why you are even owning a camera. Surprisingly, many people do not even know the full form of DSLR.

You may have seen couples and families carrying their big and expensive looking cameras and then completely ruining the point of having a good camera by clicking pictures (that too blur) that do not make any sense to any living soul in the world.

so pls do not ruin your reputation by just owning a camera and not putting enough heart and soul in it.

hope u liked it.



My life- in short every teen’s life


I’m a normal teen who in my opinion lives an amazing life  (almost!). I have three best friends and one guy-bestfriend. I live a pretty cool school-life. When I grow up I want to become atleast something! Now, don’t judge me, but I’m a H-U-G-E potterhead. I’m also a huge directioner. my life motto is- ” you can love me, you can hate me but you can’t deny me”.

hope you give me a chance to give you an insight of my life.